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Have you heard? The events industry is back! And so is the Northwest Event Show, re-imagined and re-invigorated for a new year of networking, learning, and leadership. It’s time to shake hands and rub shoulders again, this time at the brand-new Summit building at the Seattle Convention Center.

We’re expecting 5,000 attendees and over 350 exhibitors to fill the halls from not just the Pacific Northwest, but from across the entire West Coast, ready to reconnect and build an even stronger events industry. Who’s ready?

Our Mission: To Welcome You to The Future of Events

What is The Future of Events? It’s more than people returning to the office. It goes beyond figuring out the hybrid workforce and economy. The events industry is evolving. What used to be an expected channel in the sales and marketing mix for most businesses will now become exceptional. Events will no longer be a place just to shake hands and trade cards—they will often become one of the only places that many professionals meet face to face.

Among a sea of Zoom meetings and occasional drop ins to half-filled offices, these special experiences will pepper the calendar as an opportunity for your business to stand out and close deals. Events are still where business gets done. 

Our Vision: To Become the Premier Events Industry Conference on the West Coast

The East Coast has The Event Planner Expo in New York, much of the industry does IMEX America in Vegas, and the Pacific Northwest has the Northwest Event Show. We don’t have to talk about “best coast,” but what’s clear is that the West Coast needs its own event for industry professionals to gather and network with that special Pacific energy. 

Some of the world’s largest and most influential companies are headquartered here, and so far, nobody has stepped up to make a US-based event conference that caters to them. 

With coastal vistas, relaxed attire, hot tech, beautiful properties, fabulous wine regions and a reputation for innovation, the West Coast is an ideal spot for planning and participating in The Future of Events. Companies love to host events at its many destination venues, mountain retreats, and tech and entertainment hotspots—up and down the coast. 

That’s our vision—to build the West Coast’s own Event Expo. We’ll serve event planners, vendors, and customers from Vancouver BC to Cabo San Lucas, from Seattle to San Francisco and Portland to Los Angeles, and welcome our neighbors from Utah, Arizona and Nevada, too.

Why Seattle? 

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The name might give it away, but Seattle is the Northwest Event Show’s home. Growing from its humble beginnings in 1994 with 500 guests, to a projected 5,000 attendees in 2023, the show has expanded every year. The pandemic caused the entire event industry to take a hit, and this show is no exception. That’s why we want to come back with a bang! 

But it’s not just about being our backyard. Seattle is a hub of innovation and growth, home to a diverse community of people, venues, and corporations. Some of the most famous companies in the world make their home here, from Microsoft and Amazon to Starbucks and Nordstrom, to T-Mobile and Redfin. 

Seattle is a popular and growing city—the greater metropolitan area has grown from a population of 2.7 million in 2000 to nearly 4 million in 2022. This is in part for jobs, but also to create startups (even in a 2022 cooling period $3.98 billion was invested in local startups, of which there are 600). 

And let’s not forget the venues—major hotel chains, unique boutiques, top-rated universities, countless restaurants, and of course major convention centers. Here are just a few:

What the Northwest Event Show Brings You

We might be aiming to be the premier events industry conference for the entire West Coast, but what’s in it for you? 

Come for in-person and hybrid networking with an expected 5,000 attendees, including all levels of administrative professionals, marketers, meeting professionals and event planners, representing some of the largest companies—perfect ground to find customers and connections. 

And don’t forget the opportunities with 350+ exhibitors representing a variety of vendors, from equipment rentals to events agencies, marketers, venues like hotels and wineries, experience providers, and incredible tech for powering The Future of Events. Check out some of our 2022 exhibitors to get an idea of the opportunity!

With all these pros, this event is a chance to connect, spark ideas, and build your roster for whatever events you’re planning throughout the year. 

NWES 2023 Areas of Interest

The Northwest Event Show has a variety of themes built into its programming and invited speakers and sponsors:

Event technology

One of the core features of our show will be the NWES Tech Zone, an entire area dedicated to providing tech education, recommendations, and allow attendees to demo event tech like AR and VR experiences, and other devices that help you put on hybrid events and more engaging live events. The Innovation Stage centerpiece gives you bite-sized educational sessions throughout the day so constant learning is always accessible.


We are actively seeking partners in the sustainability space, to help us lead the way to making the events industry greener. The NWES itself is going carbon neutral, by partnering with ForestNation to replant a forest in Tanzania. Learn more about our sustainability efforts, and make a donation if you’re inclined! 

Agency experiences & activations

Through the Tech Zone and all the events agency partners attending the show, we’re putting a major spotlight on those who can help major brands create experiential campaigns, and location-based activations.

Wine regions

The West Coast is also known for its wine country! Vendors from wineries local to Seattle like Woodinville will be in attendance, along with those from Napa, Sonoma, Willamette and beyond. 


Whether it’s large vans for a weekend corporate retreat or valet services for a company party in a jam-packed venue, elegant transportation services are a must. Vendors like Butler Events and others can show you how to arrange the right ride. 

Team Building

While many of us have adapted to some degree of remote, separated work, morale took a hit. One of the best uses of events is for team building exercises and activities that allow exchanges of ideas and rebuilding camaraderie. 

Corporate & association planning

Event professionals are being challenged more than ever to do more, for more attendees, all while controlling the budget. Having suppliers that have a footprint in and provide services to companies on the West Coast is a welcome addition to their arsenal of resources that understand their needs. The NWES will feature multiple new ideas, and a plethora of new contacts that will enhance any programs focused West.

Ways to Participate in the Show


Come as a virtual or in person attendee! See the exhibit hall, check out exhibitor’s booths, and catch keynote and breakout sessions. And don’t forget the after party! 


Get a booth, from 10’ x 10’ up to custom sizes and show 5,000 attendees your stuff! It’s a great way to capture leads and provide value to the community. 


Drive new leads and close key deals, getting your brand in front of buyers in various aspects of the show. 

Speaker slots

Got some important insights in the events industry to share? Sign up to be one of our speakers and impart your message to an audience who’s primed to listen. Exhibiting or sponsoring the NWES? Why not do an add-on to provide an Innovation Stage presentation on what’s trending in your corner of the industry?

Ready to Kickstart the Future of Events? 

We can’t wait to see you at the show! Let’s get back out there and start attending and putting on unforgettable experiences for our teams, customers, industries, and causes! 

Buy a ticket NOW—they’re discounted for a limited time!