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Stuart Butler

As I reflect on the journey leading up to the 2024 Northwest Event Show, nestled in my office and surrounded by the bustle of planning, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and anticipation. The process of bringing this event to life evokes a myriad of emotions and consistently surfaces one pressing inquiry: Why?

Why This Event Matters

Every once in a while, there comes an opportunity that has the potential to redefine industries, challenge norms, and inspire change. This event isn’t just another gathering – it’s an ecosystem. An ecosystem where corporate businesses, event planners, and suppliers come together, marking the intersection of learning, connection, and innovation. All of that is why NWES is among the best conferences for event planners.

The Power of Community

At the heart of this event lies the power of community. Seattle embodies this sentiment. With its vibrant startup vibe and “I can do anything” attitude, it’s the spirit of our gathering. Our industry thrives on its people – from seasoned veterans to the newest faces. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

Why Attend?

  • Connect: Revel in meaningful conversations, rekindle with old industry comrades, and welcome the pioneers of tomorrow.
  • Explore: Chart unknown territories, gain insights from varied standpoints, and ride the wave of change.
  • Learn: Fortify your expertise from our industry’s bedrock to its emerging trends.
  • Ideate: Ignite your creative spark, collaborate with the best, and become a beacon of change.

Why Exhibit or Sponsor?

  • Unrivaled Exposure: More than a stage – it’s a spotlight. Shine your brand’s ethos to a captivated and influential audience.
  • Business Development: Broaden your horizons, cultivate partnerships, and symbiotically grow with like-minded businesses.
  • Community Building: Cement industry ties, flaunt your dedication to advancement and champion the movement that’s reimagining our industry’s future.

Your Next Step

This journey is close to my heart, and I’d be deeply honored to traverse it alongside you. Whether you’re planning to attend, exhibit, sponsor, or just spread the word, know that your participation holds value beyond measure. I genuinely hope to see you there, and if there’s any way we can join forces for a common goal, I’m all ears.


Stuart Butler
Northwest Event Show 2024