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In a world full of uncertainty, many people may be asking, “How do I belong? What’s my purpose? Does my existence even matter?” You might be surprised to realize this is a thought that plagues humans today more than ever before.

As event professionals, we have a special gift and opportunity to help reverse the negative spiral pulling humanity down. Before sharing the secrets of our superpowers, let’s unpack the reality of what is happening in society today.

Imagine your friends or colleagues who look you in the eyes, with a smile, and say, “Everything is great.” On the outside, it may appear they don’t have a care in the world. But on the inside, their mind and heart are spinning with turmoil.

Why is this a fact? 

According to a recent study, individual people are exposed to more tragedy in 24 hours due to television, radio, and the internet than they have in an entire lifetime.

Being exposed to a constant feeling of devastation can lead to an increase in helplessness and a decrease in self-worth. This eventually robs individuals of their joy. When there is a loss of joy, the inner light dwindles, leading to darker moments in life.

And that is where your event professional superpowers step in to save the day. Because with great power comes great responsibility. In addition to designing events that are pleasing to the eye, you possess the strength to create events that are gratifying to the soul. 

So how do you accomplish this task? Here are four tips to power up your event with supercharged uplifting energy guaranteed to bring the light back into your client’s life!

TIP ONE: Signage that Acknowledges Their Existence

Instead of standard signage for your next event, consult with your branding designer to create phrases that speak to your guests. For example, change your basic “Welcome” sign to “I’m so glad you made it, you belong here!”

In addition, consider adding graphics to every corner of the venue where your guests may roam during the event. Even the bathroom mirrors or behind bathroom doors with words like “You’re incredible, smile because you’re beautiful!”

TIP TWO: Art that Inspires Them to Keep Going

Motivate your guests to make something by adding an interactive art station at an event. Research has shown when a person creates with their hands it helps to decrease stress, plus relieves anxiety, and improves mental health.

Take the art to the next level with an A Dash of Adorable Craft. These unique wood kits transform the experience into a team-building activity. The crafters will be filled with motivational stories and uplifting messages designed to empower each person to never give up in life. 

TIP THREE: Swag that Gives Them Swagger

When planning your event gifts, personify your swag box to speak positivity to the person who opens it. Bring it to life with branded words of encouragement. If you are ever stumped with quotes to use, check out this list of power words and phrases.

Often, the goal with tchotchkes is to ensure branding remains visible after the event has ended. When your guest’s items have statements like “Today, I Believe in Me” there is a higher chance the item will continue to be used instead of tossed out. 

The reason why is because it will be tied to a positive affirmation and every time your guest looks at it they will be reminded of the uplifting energy from the event.

TIP FOUR: Entertainment That Pumps Them Up

The next time you schedule the entertainment for your event, let the performers know you want a hype crowd. Entertainers who will pour compliments onto your guests with genuine acknowledgment.

Imagine when the attendees walk into the venue and the contortionist on skates hands them a rose and says “Wow, your smile lights up a room” or “That suit looks phenomenal on you!”

Make it a goal to ensure every single person is noticed within the first 10 minutes of entering a room with a shower of sincere compliments.

Does it Make a Difference?

100% and YES! Before working in the event industry, I managed corporate sales teams for over 20+ years. The main lesson I learned working with people is that simply asking an employee to perform or have a sense of ownership to increase productivity will rarely produce results. 

Instead, if you can help an individual to learn to love themselves and spread that love into their home, they will naturally feel empowered to get out of bed and try again. When a person shifts their mindset from being helpless to helpful, they will have the confidence to move forward in life. It is for these reasons that I pour positive affirmations into my craft sessions. Because I know it will genuinely leave each participant with a sense of purpose. 

And if you layer that same energy into your next event, I can assure you it will be unforgettable as it elevates everyone to a higher and more joyful experience.


Linda Larsen

About the AuthorLinda Larsen is the Owner and Chief Glitter Officer at A Dash of Adorable. She is dedicated to elevating in-person and hybrid team-building events with custom wood crafts. The art she creates goes beyond paints and brushes because she brings a level of motivation to uplift any group with a session complete with positivity. Follow her on social media @ADashofAdorable or @TheLindaLarsen for more inspiration.