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As we approach just 8 days until NWES 2024, today’s focus is on a cornerstone of our event philosophy – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Our dedication to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable environment at NWES is unwavering, and we’re proud to share the initiatives making this year’s event our most accessible yet.

Enhanced Accessibility through Innovation

In partnership with Interprefy, our sponsor for inclusive captioning, we’re proud to announce real-time closed captioning services for all stages. This initiative ensures that every attendee, regardless of hearing ability, can fully engage with the rich content NWES 2024 has to offer. Interprefy’s cutting-edge technology exemplifies our commitment to accessibility, breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Quiet Room for Inclusive Comfort

We recognize the diversity of our attendee’s needs and provide a Quiet Room, a tranquil space for those who need a break from the event’s excitement. Located in the Flex Hall’s far back right corner, we ask that this zone remains free from cell phone and computer usage, respecting its purpose. Come in, enjoy the quiet atmosphere, relax in the comfy surroundings, take a moment to clear your mind and recharge.

Diverse Speaker Lineup for Broad Perspectives

Our consciously curated lineup of speakers from various backgrounds ensures that NWES content is reflective of the diverse world we live in. This effort towards inclusivity enriches our event, providing a platform for underrepresented voices in the industry.

Accessibility at the Forefront

The Seattle Convention Center, celebrated for its LEED Platinum certification, complements our DEI efforts with comprehensive accessibility features, ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable experience for all attendees.

Special Accommodations for All Needs

From registration onwards, we’ve prioritized understanding and accommodating the unique needs of every attendee. It’s an essential step in our mission to make NWES 2024 not just an event, but a beacon for inclusivity in the event industry.

Your Role in Championing DEI

By joining us at NWES, you’re supporting an industry-wide movement towards more inclusive, equitable, and diverse event experiences. Let’s continue to push the boundaries, embracing DEI not as an option but as an imperative for our collective growth and success.

Thank you for being a part of this journey towards a more inclusive future. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to NWES 2024, where every voice is heard, and every participant feels valued.

Warmest regards,

Northwest Event Show Team

P.S. Haven’t registered yet? There’s still time to be part of the change. Join us and make a difference. #NWES2024 #DEICommitment #AccessibilityForAll