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Now in its 30th year, the Northwest Event Show is redefining the event experience with over 250 exhibitors and more than 3,000 professionals from the event, marketing, and hospitality industries. Taking place on April 3 & 4 at the Seattle Convention Center’s new Summit Building, this landmark conference welcomes all industry professionals – not just event pros. Whether you specialize in corporate meetings, internal team events, association conferences, or large-scale festivals, you’ll find unparalleled resources and inspiration at NWES. 

Like Seattle itself, this year’s show focuses on innovation and inspiration, offering attendees a unique platform to explore new products, services, and ideas. From cutting-edge educational sessions to dynamic networking opportunities, NWES 2024 is poised to equip you with the tools and connections needed to elevate your events.

Here are 6 reasons why professionals should attend the Northwest Event Show this year:

1. Event Professionals (Planners, Managers, Sales, Directors)

Why Attend NWES: As an event professional, NWES is your playground for innovation and creativity. Discover the latest trends, meet top suppliers, and get inspired by industry leaders. Gain valuable insights into cutting-edge event technology, creative solutions, and effective management strategies that will elevate events and impress clients.

2. Marketing & Communications

Why Attend NWES: Dive into the world of integrated event marketing and communications. Learn how to effectively leverage events to boost your brand, engage with your audience more effectively, and integrate social media strategies. Enhance your skills in content creation, digital marketing, and cross-platform communications specific to event promotions.

3. Executive & Administrative Support

Why Attend NWES: If you’re involved in planning corporate events, dinners, or offsite meetings, then NWES is for you.  Learn essential resources and engage in networking opportunities. Discover vendors who can simplify your event planning, connect with peers facing similar challenges, and pick up tips on seamless event execution.

4. Human Resources

Why Attend NWES: For HR professionals, NWES is a goldmine for team-building ideas and employee engagement strategies. Learn about innovative event formats that can boost team morale, improve internal communication, and foster a positive company culture.

5. Non-Profits & Fundraising

Why Attend NWES: Gain insights into event-driven fundraising and donor engagement. Explore creative ideas for charity events, learn about the latest tools for effective donor management, and network with peers in the non-profit sector. Discover how to create impactful events that resonate with your cause.

6. Sales & Business Development

Why Attend NWES: Explore the intersection of events and business growth. Learn how to use events as powerful tools for lead generation, client engagement, and brand promotion. Dive deeper into forming strategic partnerships, effective networking, and tips on closing deals in an event setting.

Be part of the movement shaping the future of the events industry.