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Event Tents are becoming a staple for successful events in 2021. Tents are a great option to create safer events during the pandemic. They allow you to keep guests outside with plenty of fresh air and can be designed in many shapes and sizes allowing a tent to work for any event. In this guide we will walk you through the benefits of using an event tent, considerations to make before renting a structure, and our favorite vendors to rent quality event tents from in the Northwest! 

Source: Grand Event Rentals

Benefits of Using an Event Tent 

Protection from Weather 

If you plan to have an outdoor event, consider renting a tent in case of inclement weather. Event tents not only help shield guests from rain, but they can also provide warmth during cold weather or a break from the sun at a company picnic. Some tents even offer an air-conditioned retreat when temperatures are scorching! 


Tents provide privacy and a sense of space you may not otherwise have at an outdoor event. You can determine the level of privacy you want then choose a tent that fits your needs. A tent with sidewalls can offer more privacy than a tent with open sides. However, a tent without sides will flow better with other outdoor elements and have a more continuous event feel. 

Open-Air Events 

Open-air events are among the safest events you can plan right now. With the ever-changing pandemic having your event outside is one of the best ways to help ensure guest safety and reduce the risk of transmission. Always follow local and CDC guidance when it comes to planning a safe event. The CDC currently recommends when possible to keep sidewalls of tents up to enhance ventilation, allowing fresh air to constantly come through. 

Foundation for Event Design 

A tent provides a unique blank canvas for your event design. Often venues come with their unique style and you need your decor and theme to match it. On the flipside, tents can be transformed to match any event style through lighting, decor, and layout. The possibilities are endless with this blank slate! 

Source: Alexander Party Rentals

Considerations when using an Event Tent 

Number of Guests 

The number of attendees you have at your event will dictate the size of your tent. Use a space planner to help visualize what your tent layout will look like. This is also a great way to ensure you have adequate space if there is a need for social distancing.  

Style of Tent 

The type of tent you choose will influence the tone of your event. If you want an intimate feeling event consider a square or round shape tent that keeps guests closer together. If you plan to have a few areas within a tent a rectangular long length can be easier to divide into sections. 


Tents are temporary structures that require technical skills for proper setup. Find a quality vendor who knows the ins and outs of tenting to ensure structural integrity. To do this, research how many years of experience potential vendors have in tenting. Additionally, ask about what training the staff has installing tents. And finally, make sure that your tent vendor uses the best industry practices for installing and securing your event tent. 

Venue Rules 

If your tent will be at a venue, ask if there are any rules regarding tents. Some venues have limitations such as size restrictions, exclusive vendor clauses, or limits on where you can place your tent. The last thing you want to do is rent a tent only to find out at set-up it is not allowed to be in the location you had imagined! Check with your venue ahead of time to save yourself any problems the day of. 

Power Supply 

Outdoor events often require more consideration when it comes to power supplies. Unlike an indoor venue, you can’t just plug into the wall outlets and power sources. If your tent will be at a venue check with them about the space and ask about the power supplies they have for outdoor parts of events. If you are building your event from scratch in a local park or farm you may need to bring in generators to power your event. 

Permitting Considerations 

As we mentioned above, safety and correct setup are of the utmost importance when having a tented event. It’s not unusual for an event tent to require permitting or an inspection from your local municipalities. Consider this a second safety check that can help protect you against any surprising issues. Many rental companies or venues will take care of the permitting for you, however, always be sure to check who will take care of them if a permit is required. 

Our Favorite Places to Rent a Tent

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits and considerations to take when planning a tented event let’s look at vendors. Below we have compiled a list of the top tent vendors in the Pacific Northwest, these vendors are at the top of their class for safety and inventory. They will help you make the most of your event and experience. This is precisely why they are our partners and we recommend them for your next event! 

Source: Grand Event Rentals 

Grand Event Rentals 

Leading the way with tent technology, Grand Event Rentals offers WeatherMax Frame Tents which are made and manufactured in the State of Washington. These party tents are perfect for weddings, corporate occasions, and other events in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett areas. Grand Event Rentals has over 40 tent options, flooring, lighting, and even sanitation stations. This vendor offers something for every event!  They even offer a clear top option so your guests can see the night sky. How whimsical? 

CORT Party Rental 

With over 50+ years of experience, CORT Party Rentals is a trusted partner and offers everything you need to make your tented event a success. From the essentials like tents, staging, and flooring, to design elements like linens, furniture, and accents you’ll find everything you need. CORT even introduced a safety collection to help your guests feel comfortable with physical distancing signage, dividers, and other offerings that can match your style and brand. 

Alexander Party Rental 

This rental company offers a comprehensive inventory guaranteed to help make your event a success! You can be sure your tent is structurally sound with this vendor. Alexander Party Rentals’ tent crew undergoes extensive training on installation and technology. This is very important for the safety of your guests. Their rentals offer a wide range of options for any occasion with tents ranging from 10’x10’ to 50’x100’. Alexander Party Rental also offers fabric draping, linens, chandeliers, heating, and more to customize any tent to meet your event needs. 

Go Rent Your Event Tent! 

You’re now armed with the knowledge you need to find a tent rental that suits your needs. Let’s recap our findings below/ 

  • Event Tents are a great option for any time of year. They can protect guests from the elements by offering a refuge on hot sunny days and keeping guests dry during unexpected downpours. 
  • The size and shape of your tent will help set the tone and aid in the design of your event. Use a space planner to ensure you achieve your desired look and feel. 
  • Tents are a great way to enhance guest safety with the ability to keep fresh air constantly moving. 
  • Be sure to hire a professional with many years of experience in tenting to ensure structural safety and more. 

That’s a wrap! If you are looking for more vendors for your next event be sure to head over to our curated resource guide to find the best in business!