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The Northwest Event Show, presented by Butler Events, has officially announced they will be going carbon neutral in 2022. To achieve this goal, NWES recently partnered with ForestNation, whose mission is to help humanity thrive by offering products & services that unite environmental, social, and commercial goals together. 

Stuart Butler, CEO of Butler Seattle and Producer of NWES, was looking for actionable solutions and knew ForestNation was the partner for their businesses because of its holistic approach to the problems we all face in this global climate emergency.  Stuart explains “It wasn’t just about sustainability. It also has an economic driver. The trees they plant are fruit trees which help the Tanzanian economy and assist with food stability. Part of the initiative is to create employment opportunities for women, and these are just some of the benefits.” 

NWES Carbon Neutral

This partnership’s first initiative will take place at the Northwest Event Show on March 1, 2022*, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. Attendees have the opportunity to pay a $10 carbon offset fee when they register. This fee allows ForestNation to plant ten trees in the NWES Forest in Tanzania, our chosen forest location. In addition, one seed will be given to each attendee in their name badge to plant themselves in a place of their choice. 

Butler Seattle’s initial announcement was met with great enthusiasm. Stuart shares that “so far, we have seen an immediate and positive reaction from our community. Clients and attendees have been really happy with the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint.” Since making this change and sharing their story, Stuart has seen others inspired to follow. “We’re starting to see a chain reaction and couldn’t be happier. When it comes to sustainability, it’s time for less talk and more action. That is why we have decided to take steps to be carbon neutral in 2022.”

After years of talking about how the Events Industry can make an impact, NWES decided to start implementing changes now. There is an immediate need to make the shift to protect our planet, to live & do better.  The Northwest Event Show will continue to look for additional ways to run a more sustainable business. They are acting now, navigating, and actively learning with the intent to do better and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Stuart stressed, “The most important thing is to take action, start committing, and bring the timeline for change forward.” 

*Please note this is the new show date.