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The Role of Executive Assistants in a Changing World

What it means to be an executive assistant has changed from the idea most of us have. And it’s not done changing, either. It’s a common story across industries—more and more work and responsibilities getting heaped onto fewer employees, job descriptions fit for multiple roles, and artificial intelligence coming in to automate more and more of what were once well-paying jobs. And then the pandemic hits, accelerating digital transformation and blowing open the traditional ways that teams kept in touch and filtered contact. 

It’s widely reported that EA jobs are in decline. 58% of executive assistants say they aren’t being properly utilized by their organizations. Whether it’s being expected to serve and report to multiple executives, and take on work that should be left to a specialist like an accountant, designer or event marketer Plus, as organizations get more data-driven, roles without proof of impact are more likely to be affected by downturn. While we all know how much a good EA does, if it’s not tracked it may not count. 

Lucy Brazier OBE has seen these problems developing, and she’s here to help the entire profession in her renowned masterclass!

What You’ll Learn in the Assistant Masterclass

Future-proof Your Role

Learn all about the history of the executive assistant role, how it developed into what it is today, and how to prepare for what it will become by 2025. If you know what’s coming, you can better prepare for it.

Turn Your Job into a Career

There’s a common misconception that being an executive assistant is a temporary job in between other roles, or just while going through school. This masterclass will help you not only change that mindset, but show you the tangible ways you can become invaluable and increase both your earning power and prestige in this career.

Enhance Your Communication Skills

As a support role to busy executives, and a liaison between all kinds of different roles, top-performing EAs need to be able to communicate effectively with all sorts of people. Discover how to read people and anticipate needs and objections, cover for others, and become a master of the email, DM, presentation, and good old fashioned conversation. 

Become a Business Partner to Your Executive

Turn “Thanks for your help” to “I couldn’t do this without you.” Top performing assistants are indispensable, fought over, and make their executives both look good and do good. It’s vital for job security.

Prove Your Worth

Discover key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics you can set up and track to prove your impact. Quantify your tasks with hours saved for busy executives, and tie your activity to revenue. 

Prevent Burnout

If all this sounds like a lot on top of what you already do, it doesn’t have to be. Your new skills will help you work with automation rather than getting replaced by it. Your communication skills will help set boundaries and expectations. Your tracked metrics will help you decide which activities are worth pursuing and which can be put on the back burner. When you’re in control of your role, you can beat back burnout.

Meet Your Instructor: Lucy Brazier OBE

The Northwest Event Show is so proud to have Lucy Brazier OBE on as a speaker to teach this fantastic masterclass! The CEO of Marcham Publishing, who publishes Executive Support Magazine, she is at the forefront of thinking about and improving the executive assistant role. She has a decade of speaking experience, having taught in 50 countries at over 450 events. She’s been awarded an Honorary Fellowship to the Institute of Administrative Management, and received an OBE (Officer of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II for her services to office professionals. 

This masterclass not only teaches practical skills and inspires the Assistant but also shows them the business skills needed to become part of the core business, how to lead up to ensure the Executive’s time and skills are maximised, and how to step into the role that this is supposed to be, to support at a world-class level and provide maximum value to the organisation that they serve.

Lucy Brazier OBE

With her help, executive assistants in the audience will receive a serious assist in their careers.  

Partnership with the Northwest Event Show

As an exclusive benefit for the show, you can get both a trade show ticket to NWES 2023 and access to the Assistant Masterclass for a reduced cost when you buy a combo ticket.