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The Event is Around the Corner!

With the Northwest Event Show just weeks away, now’s a great time for anyone still deciding whether to go to choose how they’d like to attend. We’ve talked a lot about what the in-person experience will be like and how it’ll be reinvigorating to connect face to face again. But this is The Future of Events, and any event worth its salt post-COVID needs a robust virtual and hybrid experience. 

Whether you’re still a little iffy on the face-to-face thing, or you just can’t make it out to the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got you covered with an equally rich conference experience powered by Gevme!

Meet Gevme: Our Modern Event Management Software

We’re proud to be partnered with Gevme, a robust all-in-one event management platform. As a tech advisor and major contributor to the Northwest Event Show 2023, they’re powering the in-person, hybrid, and virtual aspects of our event. A lot of it is behind the scenes, but through desktop at home and mobile devices at the show, you’ll get a lot of the experience up close and personal. 

If you’re ever running your own event, check out a little of what they can do: 

Gevme is a modern event management software built for the needs of new-age event professionals. With specialized features to create beautiful event landing pages, set up pre-event registrations, manage all event content, build functional event websites, host virtual or hybrid events, and run post-event analytics, Gevme provides all the tools to plan, host, and analyze any event seamlessly and successfully.

And they’re building a custom virtual space for the Northwest Event Show, too! Read on to learn more about what to expect.

The Hybrid Experience

Meet the Mobile App

The GevMe mobile app is perfect for attendees who either are only attending part of the conference, or want a useful companion as they go through the show in person. A lot of the event is optimized for this app, as it’s built on a digital-first experience, which cuts down on materials costs for the show, exhibitors, and attendees—contributing to our sustainability efforts

Your Metacard: A Free Digital Business Card

The primary feature for virtual attendees is the Metacard. This free digital business card functions a lot like and other similar micro landing pages for an individual. You can customize and include unlimited calls-to-action on it, from the basics of trading contact information, to meeting schedulers, links to core offerings, giveaways, and more. Naturally, an included QR code makes swapping information quick and painless. 

The Agenda

Just like on the desktop experience, you can keep your agenda handy on the mobile app. It tells you the time and location of all the sessions you bookmark, so you can make sure you don’t miss anything that piques your interest. 

The Map

As part of a large expansion to the Seattle Convention Center, the Summit building can be a little hard to navigate—use the map in the Gevme mobile app to keep yourself oriented through the crowds of attendees, exhibitors, sessions and more. 

The Virtual Attendee Experience

Virtual attendees of the Northwest Event Show 2023 will get a great experience they can enjoy from a laptop in the comfort of their home office that’s as close to the in-person experience as possible thanks to Gevme’s fully-featured platform. 

The Virtual Lobby

After you get your virtual ticket, you’ll get instructions on how to log in to the virtual lobby. While the Northwest Event Show experience is being built out, it will look similar to this:

From here, you can navigate to any sessions currently ongoing, view a list of all the exhibitors, and chat with anyone who seems interesting!

The Live Bar

This is your navigation for the entire event that follows you everywhere. If you’re ever lost, just look at the left side of your screen. You can update your attendee profile, see notifications for sessions you wanted to attend or messages you’ve received, access chat rooms, see the profiles of other attendees in the same “space” as you, and review your schedule. 

Live Streamed Sessions

Almost every single session (excluding one exclusive in-person masterclass), will be available for virtual attendees via live streaming. You’ll be able to watch the whole session, interact with moderators and other attendees, and participate in Q&As. 

The Virtual Networking Experience

Group Chats

In the main lobby, and within any given session, you can do group text chats and voice or video conferencing within the platform. Discuss and communicate with other attendees, and send messages that the speakers can read as well! You can even break topics into threads, similar to Slack. Moderators will be present in these chats to keep things moving smoothly and answer any questions. 

One-to-One Chats

If you want to connect more directly, you can invite another attendee to a one-on-one text or voice/video chat, any time during the show. Both participants need to agree of course, but it perfectly replicates the way you deepen a connection with someone interesting at a show, right in the platform. You can also schedule these 1:1 meetings for later on, as most people you meet will be in the middle of something they’re interested in when you first meet. 

Ready to Attend?

The event is happening so soon! However you want to attend, virtual, in-person, or hybrid, make sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn, grow, connect, and participate in the Future of Events!

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