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As live events make a comeback, numerous companies and organizations are veering away from hosting hybrid events. Given the extra costs and efforts involved in planning hybrid events, it may seem like a tempting item to eliminate from the event agenda and budget. However, before making a decision, let’s delve deeper into the matter.

At the Northwest Event Show in March, our Executive Director, Lisa Schulteis, delivered an insightful presentation titled “The Great Debate: Live vs. Hybrid vs. Virtual Events.” Here are some key takeaways from her talk:

Benefits of Hybrid Events

  • Increased accessibility and flexibility for attendees
  • Higher attendance
  • Increased engagement
  • Data collection from the platform
  • Greater reach

What to consider…

  • Target Audience / Industry
  • Budget: Both Attendees & Yours
  • Event Goals
  • Attendee Expectations

Disadvantages of Hybrid Events

  • Technical Difficulties
  • Cost
  • Audience Engagement
  • Communication Challenges
  • Logistics
Questions to ask

The Big Reveal – Looking at the Data

During her session, Lisa presented four distinct case studies showcasing hybrid events organized by her team at ElectraLime in the past year. The data revealed a significant number of virtual (remote) attendees for each event. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

IndustryTotal AttendeesVirtual Attendees% Virtual
Environmental Association44221548.6%
Coach / Membership1922130267.7%

Considering these statistics, would you be willing to forgo 48 – 68% of your attendees by hosting a live-only event?

Looking to delve deeper into the points mentioned above? Gain comprehensive insights by watching the complete presentation below.