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Close your eyes and picture one of the largest companies in the United States, Apple for example. What did you picture? Odds are the image that popped into your head was their iconic logo with a single bite taken out of an apple. 

Successful companies like Google and McDonald’s take advantage of strong company logos and branded merchandise to stay relevant in the consumer’s mind. To increase your audience reach it is imperative that you have a brand with a strong visual identity. A great way to start advertising your brand logo is to incorporate branded merchandise into your advertising efforts. There are hundreds of reasons why you should use branded merchandising in your marketing strategies, but I will go over the three most important. 

  1. Builds Consumer Relationships

Everybody loves free stuff, and people love free useful stuff even more. Giving potential customers useful branded merchandise like t-shirts, bags, water bottles, etc. allows them to have a constant reminder of your company in their home. One study has shown that eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years. Branded merchandising truly is the gift that keeps on giving, if the branded product is of good quality and useful it will stay in the consumer’s home for years. 

  1. Long Lasting Sustainable Advertising 

The days of marketing through flyers and business cards are long gone. Advertising through branded merchandise is something that more companies are switching over to every year because of the sustainability factor. Especially if your company prides itself on being environmentally friendly, it is important to have marketing strategies that support this. Flyers will get tossed in the trash, social media posts will be swiped past, but customers will have a hard time forgetting the company that just gave them their new favorite reusable water bottle. 

  1. Develop Company Culture

Branded merchandising is a great way to make employees feel like they are a part of a team or even a family. When an employee loves their company, they are sure to use their company bag with pride (which is more free adverting!). Bringing in new company merch will boost morale and it creates a bond between coworkers. Developing a strong company culture with branded merch does not stop there. Giving a newly hired employee a welcome package with some branded items will make them feel accepted and instantly apart of the company team. Using branded products is also a great way to recruit new potential employees and give them a small taste of the benefits of working for your company. 

I am sure you spent many hours working on a perfect logo for your company. Put that logo to good use and start thinking about how much your company would benefit from using branded merchandise for your next marketing campaign. 

Amy Wolf

Founder and CEO of Evo3 Marketing (

Amy is the founder and CEO of Evo3 Marketing based in Seattle, WA. Amy strategizes with businesses on marketing solutions through custom branded apparel, hard goods, and other ads/promo swag to elevate their brand. She also develops programs and quotes to win high-value RFPs while managing a team of driven commissioned sales reps and highly capable account executives.

Evo3 Marketing is a Microsoft and Amazon vendor that produces high-quality merchandise and excellent service to companies big and small.