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By Lu Cysewski, CEO,

As events and other traditional approaches to engage with community are out of the question and COVID-19 has emptied the American workplace companies must think creatively about how to retain clients and keep them connected in this new remote paradigm. When our interactions are reduced to quick virtual statements and brief check-ins, the gifts we provide to our stakeholders must keep channels open, and emphasize our company values.

Here are 5 ways you can promote confidence and convey appreciation through corporate gifts:

  1. Buy relevant retail products. Products like the Lexon Oblio, a sanitizing phone charger that is part utilitarian and part decor are effective as corporate gifts because they are covetable and useful in helping people feel safer in the pandemic. The item sold out online everywhere in the US last year before November.

  2. Buy early. Planning and purchasing in the next month will help you succeed with getting gifts delivered on time.

  3. Reduce branding. Rather than using large logos in an attempt to establish some semblance of company loyalty, think about how your gift adds to the relationship by showing your team or customers how grateful you are for their contributions. It can be the little touches.

  4. Remember your team culture. If you had pets roaming the office, don’t forget to include them in this year’s gift. On top of reinforcing the culture you shared when you were together, there is nothing that pet parents love more than someone fawning over their animal baby.

  5. Let your gifts represent your values. Gifts have the power to reinforce a company mission. If your company has an environmental mission, buy a gift that is made responsibly and will be used and loved for a long time. 

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Lu Cysewski is the CEO of coolperx, a socially & environmentally conscious corporate gifting company. She believes that SWAG is utterly meaningless, and harmful to both the natural environment and our social bonds. Coolperx was born out of her conviction to transform the corporate gifting landscape. Curating and offering quality, socially conscious gifts is the only way to create and maintain meaningful relationships. Her key leadership values (humility, gratitude, generosity, creativity, autonomy, and connection) reflect her commitment to her company’s mission.