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The Northwest Event Show is more than just the region’s largest trade show for event and business professionals. It’s 125,000 square feet packed with endless ideas and innovative solutions, along with thousands of inspired event professionals.

World environment day concept with tree care planting and CSR green earth on volunteer's hands for sustainable environmental development. Element of this image furnished by NASA

As we have been reinventing the framework of this show over the last couple of years, we here at the Northwest Event Show (NWES) recognized the importance of developing a value system expected of leaders in our industry. The NWES understands the importance of being responsible Global Citizens and have maintained focus on incorporating a strong value system into the show.

One important focus for the show this year is centered around the topic of sustainability and stewardship. At the NWES, we wanted to lead by example, showcase solutions, and have meaningful discussions. This is an ongoing effort and this year will establish an important baseline, a point from which we can grow in the coming years. To help us achieve our goal of higher sustainable focus, we cobbled together a sustainability team that was able to advise and implement some terrific solutions.

Our 2019 NWES Sustainability Committee:

Stock photo of paper recyclable containers in stacks on the table over patterned green and white tablecloth. Box of napkins and utensils. Outdoor food festival.

This team helped developed the framework and advised the NWES team in implementing solutions. They established some primary opportunities for this year and set some modest goals. Areas of focus were outlined as; waste management & reduction, education, measurements.

Working with the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC), the NWES will have three compartment waste receptacles throughout the show and will be working with all exhibitors to use compostable or recyclable materials wherever possible. Our efforts here will directly impact the amount of waste from the show that will head to the landfill. Additionally, Fern Expo Services is committing to creating all signage and show collateral using recyclable materials. Our goal this year will be to limit landfill waste with these easy solutions and work with WSCC to measure the waste created by the show. Using this baseline data, we will be able to implement other solutions to further reduce or redirect our waste stream for future shows.

We will have solutions, tips, and education on the topic of sustainability throughout the show. Be sure to stop by the Tech Hub to check out some fabulous innovations.

The Tech Bar will feature energy efficient LED Lighting, Recycled Aluminum, Water-based adhesives, Recycled and Recyclable hard surface finishes, and Recycled packaging materials. All components are also in our rental program, with the exception of graphics, and will be used again and again.

Michael McCord, Exhibits NW

We will also give attendees an opportunity to share their voice on this topic. Attendees will be able to highlight their stories, successes, challenges, and interests via an interactive “white board” near the Tech Hub.

To bring it all together, encourage the conversation, and continue moving forward, we will start day 2 of the show with a thoughtful panel discussion about sustainability and stewardship in our industry. We will have experts from the hospitality and events industry, social care organizations, and technology fields discussing tips, tools, thoughts and ideas for creating sustainable events and running sustainable businesses.

We are excited to be taking the show in new and exciting directions, elevating our industry, supporting our professionals, and raising awareness. We hope you will join us November 13 – 14 and learn more about these exciting innovations and solutions. See you there!!