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People have formed bonds online for years, but it’s taken a global pandemic for companies to start planning virtual team building activities. Now that working from home has been normalized, it’s more important than ever to take proactive steps to keep the team connected and energized despite the distance. Virtual team building activities typically last one or two hours and come with a bit of unstructured time, allowing participants to get to know each other better. 

We’ve recently covered a wide selection of outdoor team building activities, and today we’ll dive into the virtual world. No matter how big or far apart your team lives, there’s something for everybody on this list. Let’s explore!

Virtual Team Building Ideas - National Event Pros

Source: National Event Pros

1. National Event Pros

Because it offers a wide range of choices, National Event Pros is the go-to event company for team building activities. Not only do they provide a range of team building activities in Seattle, but they also offer many nationwide and virtual solutions.

One virtual team building activity that stands out is the Virtual Game Show. This fun networking activity can host up to 2000 team members simultaneously. Your team can choose from various themes, characters, and games, such as contests and trivia games.

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Virtual Team Building Ideas - Outback Team Building

Source: Outback Team Building

2. Outback Team Building 

Outback Team Building, the #1 corporate team building company in North America, offers a wide selection of virtual activities for remote attendees to connect and have fun with. There’s something for every group. For example, you can have your team meet on a virtual yacht with Virtual Meet Staycation or work together to solve a crime with Virtual Clue Murder Mystery.

Our favorite is Virtual Social Shuffle, an activity that focuses on getting to know fellow team members better through themed discussions and conversations. As with most of their virtual team building activities, they allow 4-7 members on each team.

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Virtual Team Building Ideas - TeamBonding

Source: TeamBonding

3. TeamBonding 

As their name suggests, TeamBonding is a company that is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between your team members and event attendees. Their solutions cover in-person, virtual, and hybrid team building opportunities. Their virtual team building events typically last 60 to 90 minutes and can accommodate groups ranging from six to unlimited team members.

One team building activity that stands out in their offer is the virtual edition of the Amazing Race Around the World. Based on the famous TV show, team members help their chosen explorers travel the globe with a virtual avatar on the Go Team app. As time is running out, the game gets increasingly competitive and engaging.

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virtual team building ideas - The Table Less Traveled Virtual Cooking Class

Source: The Table Less Traveled

4. The Table Less Traveled

Speaking of traveling worldwide, The Table Less Traveled offers virtual cooking classes with locals from abroad. For example, their chefs tune in from Italy, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, and other culinary destinations. The Table Less Traveled sends participants “Everything, You Need Recipe Kits” to create the dish. But cooking isn’t the only thing your team will learn about. Team members will also have the opportunity to learn more about the chosen country’s traditions and share stories. 

The Table Less Traveled virtual team building typically lasts 90 minutes and can accommodate various cooking skill levels. For example, Guillaume from Menton, France, can teach your team how to make a yule log, a delicious chocolate sponge cake. 

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virtual team building ideas - Geoteaming

5. GeoTeaming 

If you’re looking for a virtual team building activity with gamification, you should consider GeoTeaming. This company helps people work together using the power of play and teaches meaningful lessons incorporating experiential learning.

Geoteaming is unique because they’re true virtual veterans: they’ve been organizing virtual activities for over 23 years. In addition, their CEO, John Chen, wrote the book 50 Digital Team-Building Games back in 2012! So in many ways, they were ahead of their time. 

This team building event will help people gain skills that go well beyond the event. GeoTeaming teaches remote workers how to hold engaging virtual meetings and strengthen their virtual presence.

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virtual team building ideas - A Dash Of Adorable Virtual Art Session

Source: A Dash of Adorable via Facebook

6. A Dash of Adorable

If you think your remote team would like a more creative activity, check out A Dash of Adorable. The owner of A Dash of Adorable is Linda Larsen, a former corporate executive who knows all about the challenges of virtual corporate workplaces. Her mission is to bring virtual teams closer together through art.

This personable company offers virtual art sessions and wood crafts for team building events. First, custom-made wood crafts are shipped to each team member. Then, the team gets creative together while listening to art tips and motivational thoughts. If your team is looking for a hands-on experience, this is it! 

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virtual teams building ideas - Reality Break Escapes

Source: Reality Break Escapes

7. Reality Break Escapes 

Escape rooms are one of the most popular team building activities. And for a good reason! They are great activities to work on problem-solving skills and improve team communication. The good news is that they work in the digital sphere, too! Reality Break Escapes offers four different virtual escape rooms, and four hosted hunts. 

A stand-out is The Lucky Duck Speakeasy, a virtual escape room that takes your virtual team back to the times of prohibition.  Your team will work as detectives together. They must solve a series of puzzles to identify the mob boss and diffuse a ticking bomb in 60 minutes.

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Source: Seattle Makers 

8. Seattle Makers

Seattle Makers offers a genuinely unique virtual experience for artistically-inclined groups. First, participants create a custom-designed wooden notepad box or coffee tumbler. Along the way, they will gain knowledge in basic design skills and learn about the laser cutting process. Then, after the designs are complete, they’ll watch the Seattle Makers team bring creations to life with a laser cutter. Finally, the products are shipped to their homes. 

This virtual workshop can host five to fifteen people and requires no prior knowledge of design and laser-cutting. Your team will learn how to use open-source design software from scratch. And the notepad box or coffee tumbler will serve as a positive reminder of the experience! 

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Source: Sidewalk Food Tours

9. Sidewalk Food Tours

Another provider of culinary experiences, Sidewalk Food Tours, is a nationwide company that offers virtual team building solutions. Have your team learn how to cook in a 90-minute cooking class or make a cocktail in a mixology class. Do you work with a competitive team? You can also book a cooking competition

At the virtual team building event, your team is divided into two groups to collaborate in a separate break-out room. Next, a professional chef critiques the food looking at the presentation, creativity, and appearance. The team whose member wins the competition will also get a prize. May the best cook win!

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virtual team building ideas- Feet First Events

Source: Feet First Events

10. Feet First Events

Feet First Events offers several online team building activities that can host anywhere from 5 to 300 people. Their virtual team building selection offers the classics, such as mixology classes and trivia games, as well as new reality-television-inspired activities.

For example, Virtual Minute to Win It is a high-paced game that challenges participants to complete all kinds of funny challenges. The faster and better they play, the more points they score. After one hour, the winning team is crowned the Minute To Win It Champion.

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virtual team building ideas - Compass Outdoor Adventures

Source: Compass Outdoor Adventures

11. Compass Outdoor Adventures

Its primary focus might be the great outdoors, but Compass Outdoor Adventures also takes care of virtual audiences. Groups of 20 to 250 can participate in the Engineer’s Challenge or @Home Scavenger Hunt. Both games take place on the GooseChase platform specializing in customized scavenger hunts. 

After some icebreakers, the group is divided into smaller teams, and the fun begins! There are two types of activities offered, the @Home Scavenger Hunt consisting of over 80 missions in 90 minutes. Or, if you are feeling up to the challenge, the Engineer’s Challenge is slightly more complex. During this activity, your team will attempt to solve 15 long-form missions created to help strengthen the team’s problem-solving skills. But, no matter the mission, in the end, the whole team comes back together for a closing ceremony where Compass hands out their “world-famous” water cooler award. 

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virtual team building ideas - City Brew Tours Craft Beer Tasting

Source: City Brew Tours

12. City Brew Tours

City Brew Tours specializes in at-home craft beer experiences that will entertain and educate your virtual team anywhere in the US. Participants can choose from three virtual team building offers; the Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience, Beer Making Experience, or alcohol-free Ice Cream Float Experience. Whatever you choose, the tasting boxes are delivered at their doorstep.

The craft beer selection varies based on the current season and your budget. Additionally, you can customize the tasting boxes with your branding and swag. It’s an excellent way for your team to learn more about craft beer and lift their spirits simultaneously!

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Your Team Will Love Virtual Team Building!

In conclusion, there are many virtual team building activities to choose from. There’s something for every team, including cooking classes, trivia games, and even art workshops. We hope this list inspires you to embrace the digital world and start planning a virtual get-together. Remote teams need to team build and connect too. Don’t let the distance get in the way of strengthening the bonds within your team! What team building event are you considering? Comment and let us know!