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Hospitality Lounge Sponsor – $50,000

Craft a sanctuary amidst the buzz of NWES. As the Hospitality Lounge Sponsor, you’ll be entrusted with designing two oasis spots (20′ x 30′ each) across our exhibit floors, offering attendees a momentary retreat to relax, recharge, and re-engage.


  • Dual Exposure: With two lounges on separate exhibit floors, your brand’s visibility and reach are effectively doubled, tapping into diverse visitor demographics.
  • Design Freedom: This is your canvas. Bring to life lounges that echo your brand’s ethos, style, and commitment to excellence. Whether you opt for modern minimalism or cozy comfort, ensure it leaves a lasting imprint.
  • Brand Association: Your lounges will be synonymous with relaxation and a top-tier attendee experience. Attendees will remember your brand as a haven in the midst of a bustling event.
  • Interactive Touchpoints: Beyond just passive exposure, the lounges offer a tactile experience. Attendees will interact directly with your design, leaving with a tangible memory of quality and comfort.
  • Network in Comfort: While the lounges offer relaxation, they’re also natural networking hubs. Your brand will be at the center of countless business interactions and discussions, cementing its position in the minds of industry professionals.

Embrace this opportunity to blend style, comfort, and brand presence, crafting retreats that stand as memorable landmarks within NWES.


  • 30′ x 30′ premium booth space for maximum traffic
  • Four (4) complimentary VIP conference registrations
  • Ten (10) complimentary All Access conference registrations
  • Featured Listing in the Digital Event Guide
  • Recognition for sponsoring lounges on event website, mobile app, and other relevant events and media channels