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Join the Exclusive Group of Northwest Event Show Ambassadors!

How it Works

Join the Ranks of Exclusive NWES Ambassadors

Embark on an exciting journey with the Northwest Event Show by signing up as an ambassador. It’s a simple start to a rewarding path: just fill out the short form below. This is your first step towards unlocking a world of opportunities, exclusive perks, and the chance to be a pivotal part of our event community. Join us now and turn your passion for events into rewarding experiences!

Effortlessly Spread the Word with Your Unique Referral Link

Become an Ambassador and gain access to a powerful tool: your very own unique referral link. Not only does it track clicks and ticket purchases, but it also simplifies sharing your enthusiasm for the Northwest Event Show. Whether it’s through social media, email, or direct messaging, your link is the key to connecting your community with an unforgettable experience.

Earn Unlimited Commissions: More Sales, More Rewards

Unlock a rewarding opportunity with every ticket you sell! As an ambassador, you’ll earn a 10% commission for each ticket purchased through your unique referral link. And the best part? There’s no cap on your earnings. The more tickets you sell, the more you earn – the potential is limitless!

*no commission on refunded tickets

What You Receive as an Ambassador

VIP Ticket to the Northwest Event Show, April 3-4, 2024, with Exclusive Welcome Reception Access

Step into the limelight with your VIP ticket to the Northwest Event Show, set for April 3-4, 2024. This isn’t just a ticket; it’s your all-access pass to a world of insider experiences, including the highly anticipated Welcome Reception on the first night. Rub shoulders with industry leaders, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of innovation, and enjoy a range of exclusive privileges. Your VIP status not only elevates your event journey but also opens doors to unforgettable encounters and networking opportunities.

VIP Access

Northwest Event Show Swag Box from Logo Unlimited

Unbox a treasure trove of premium goodies with your Northwest Event Show Swag Box, courtesy of Logo Unlimited. Each item in this carefully curated collection is designed to surprise and delight, from stylish apparel to unique, high-value accessories. These aren’t just gifts; they’re tokens of appreciation, meant to celebrate your role as an ambassador and enhance your event experience.

10% Commission on all Ticket Sales

Turn your enthusiasm into earnings with a lucrative 10% commission on every ticket sold through your referral link. There’s no limit to what you can earn – the more you share, the more you gain. This is your chance to reap financial rewards while spreading the word about an event you love. It’s simple: the more tickets you sell, the more you earn, making each sale a step towards your personal success.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the Ambassador Program?

Simply complete the application form above. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your unique referral link.

What are the requirements to become an ambassador?

To join our Ambassador Program, your enthusiasm for the Northwest Event Show should shine through! We’re looking for passionate individuals who are eager to spread the word about our event. Here are the key requirements:

  1. A Genuine Love for the Northwest Event Show: Your passion for our event is the cornerstone of being an ambassador. We want team members who truly believe in the value and excitement of the show.
  2. Commitment to Promote: As an ambassador, you’ll need to actively promote the Northwest Event Show on your social media accounts. We ask that you share content related to the event at least twice a week to keep the momentum going.
  3. Engagement through Email: In addition to social media, we expect our ambassadors to reach out to their networks via email. Regular email communication is a powerful tool to amplify our event’s presence and ensure a wider audience reach.

This combination of genuine enthusiasm and a willingness to actively promote the show is what makes our ambassadors so effective and integral to the success of the Northwest Event Show.

How will I receive my VIP ticket and Swag Box?

Your exclusive VIP access and Swag Box are just a few steps away! Here’s how you’ll receive them:

  1. VIP Ticket via Promo Code: Once you’re confirmed as an ambassador, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. This email will include a special promo code. Use this code to claim your VIP ticket to the Northwest Event Show. It’s a seamless process, ensuring you get your ticket easily and efficiently.
  2. Swag Box Delivery: The excitement doesn’t end with the VIP ticket! You’ll also receive a Swag Box packed with high-value items from Logo Unlimited. We’ll mail this box of surprises directly to the address you provide in your application form. Make sure your address details are accurate so your Swag Box finds its way to you without any hitches.

Can I promote my referral link on any platform?

Absolutely! You are free to share your referral link across any platform where you engage with your audience. This includes all social media channels, email, blogs, or any other medium you use for communication. Our referral link is versatile and designed to track your successful referrals no matter where you post it.

Do note, the link will include UTM parameters to ensure accurate tracking, which might make it lengthy. For a more user-friendly experience, you are welcome to shorten the link using a reliable URL shortener like This can make your link more manageable and appealing when sharing in spaces with character limits or for aesthetic purposes.

Feel free to get creative and share your link in a way that best suits your style and your audience!

Where can I see ticket prices so I know how much commission I will receive?

Current ticket prices can be seen at Keep in mind that your commission is calculated based on the ticket price at the time of sale. Since we will offer various discounts and promotions as the event approaches, ticket prices are subject to change.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can sell?

No, there is no limit! As an ambassador, you have the freedom to sell as many tickets as possible. We encourage you to share your passion for the Northwest Event Show far and wide, reaching out to your network and beyond. The more tickets you sell through your unique referral link, the more you earn. This limitless potential is not just a great opportunity for you to maximize your earnings, but also a fantastic way to contribute significantly to the growth and success of our event.

So go ahead, aim high and spread the word – the sky is the limit!

When will I get paid?

We appreciate your efforts as an ambassador and ensure a prompt reward for your hard work. All commission payments are processed within 30 days following the conclusion of the Northwest Event Show. This timeframe allows us to accurately compile and review all sales reports, ensuring that your earnings are calculated correctly and fairly. We strive to expedite this process as much as possible to get your well-earned commissions to you in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to make sure every aspect of your contribution is duly recognized and rewarded.

Can I attend the event if I'm not in the ambassador program?

Of course! While being an ambassador offers unique perks and rewards, the Northwest Event Show is open to all who share a passion for the event industry. You can easily be a part of this exciting event by purchasing a ticket that suits your preference. We offer various types of tickets including Trade Show, All Access, and VIP options. Each ticket type provides a different level of access and experience, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and interests. So, whether you’re an ambassador or not, we warmly welcome you to join us for an unforgettable experience at the Northwest Event Show!