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@ravepickle | April 3  @  5-10pm

RavePickle, THE official after NWES experience!

This is the official after-party of the Northwest Event Show. This is not a Rave! It’s Rave Pickle!  Enjoy a fun and safe after party with glow in the dark pickleball (and other games and sports), and plenty of amazing DJs dropping sick beats until 10pm sharp! RavePickle, the official after-party of the NW Event Show, raises proceeds charitably benefitting United Creatives and HighSchool.GG.  This is not your grandpa’s regular game of pickleball (unless he is used to playing in front of live DJs in a dark room while he glows in the dark!).  AV vendors, event planners, on and off-court talent, and countless other types of vendors from our growing NWES community have all donated their gear and people to make this the most exciting NWES in history, highlighting the great things our community can do when business collaborate for a cause. 
RavePickle, the official after-party of the Northwest Event Show, supports two charities with big impact the events industry in the NW.
United Creatives brings together creatives to create awesome content and community for all sectors of the creative economy. HighSchool.GG takes students love for video games and teachers them skills with hands-on experience in the esports and live event production industry. 

NWES attendees have a generous guest coupon code in your email.

Tickets! (guest tickets for your friends!)