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Northwest Event Show
Terms & Conditions

Updated January 1, 2024


Butler Seattle, LLC. (Butler Events) is the producer and coordinator of Northwest Event Show (NWES) scheduled for April 3-4, 2024 (two days of Education and Trade Show) at the Seattle Convention Center in Seattle Washington. Exhibitors who wish to participate in the Northwest Event Show have received Butler Event’s approval of Exhibitor’s presentation of exhibit. Both NWES and all Exhibitors are subject to certain requirements of the Seattle Convention Center. The Parties further desire to set forth the agreement between them. Butler Seattle, LLC reserves the right to move the date(s) of the Northwest Event Show in cases of Acts of God or where attendees and/or exhibitors experience may be impacted by acts not under the control of Butler Events to include Acts of God, or issues that directly or indirectly including but not limited to the health and wellbeing of said parties. Butler Events complies with guidelines and recommendations of the City of Seattle, Washington State, and the CDC accordingly and will only move the date of the Northwest Event Show to ensure the safety and wellness of all parties involved or to better enhance the success of the show(s). In consideration of these purposes and the mutual terms and conditions set forth below, the Parties agree as follows:  

For the NWES:  

  1. For the Northwest Event Show in-person event, City of Seattle License Fees apply: In order to participate in temporary events in the City of Seattle, it is mandatory for each Exhibitor to have either a City of Seattle Business License or a temporary event license. These fees will be added to each contract for exhibitors that do not have a current City of Seattle Business License. A city ordinance requires NWES to provide the City of Seattle with a complete list of all Exhibitors participating in the NWES and pay the fee for all Exhibitors without a Seattle Business License. 
  2. Exhibitor’s Booth Equipment: 
    1. Flex Hall Booths: For booths located on the Flex Hall floor, NWES will provide the Exhibitor’s booth(s) with: 
      1. one 8’ tall draped backdrop, two 3’ tall side drapes except in the case of free standing island booths and/or activity areas (i.e. 20’ x 20’ booths), and one single line 7” by 44” identification sign. 
      2. 5 amps of electricity
      3. One 8’ draped table per 10’ by 10’, two 8’ draped tables per 10’ by 20’ booth space, or one 8’ draped table per all other sized booths not described above. 
    2. Exhibit Hall Booths: For booths located on the Exhibit Hall floor, NWES will provide the Exhibitor’s booth(s) with: 
      1. one 8’ tall draped backdrop, two 3’ tall side drapes except in the case of free standing island booths and/or activity areas (i.e. 20’ x 20’ booths), and one single line 7” by 44” identification sign. 
      2. One 8’ draped table per 10’ by 10’, two 8’ draped tables per 10’ by 20’ booth space, or one 8’ draped table per all other sized booths not described above. 
    3. Exhibitor Personnel: All exhibitor booth personnel MUST be registered through GetRegistered by March 22, 2024. Badges will be available at exhibitor check-in at the main check-in of the show on Tuesday during Show move-in and Wednesday, pre-show. Each person must obtain their own badge. We will not distribute badges to anyone except the individual registrant.
    4. Additional Décor: Upon request, Exhibitor may obtain additional décor, tables, linens, or chairs as well as arrange for booth cleaning through the NWES’s show decorator. Electrical, audio visual and internet orders can be placed through the Seattle Convention Center. A complete list of these items and the applicable charges will be set forth on the vendor information page on this Exhibitor Portal. 
    5. Occupancy: Exhibitor agrees to have its exhibit ready for public viewing and Fire Marshall inspection no later than Wednesday, 8:00am, April 3, 2024. Exhibitor also agrees to occupy and maintain its exhibit space at the NWES during advertised show hours April 3-4, 2024.
  3. Move-In:
    1. Monday, April 1, 2024: Vehicles and/or trailered items must be positioned on the showroom floor between the hours of 6pm to 8pm. A scheduled appointment with the loading dock is required. Sponsors will have early access to the Flex Hall from 4pm – 8pm.
    2. Tuesday, April 2, 2024: Exhibit materials can be delivered to the Seattle Convention Center and setup between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm.
    3. Wednesday, April 3, 2024: 7:00am to 8:00am for hand held items only for general exhibitors. Exhibitors will not have access to setup outside of these hours.
  4. Display Removal: No exhibit or part of an exhibit may be removed from Seattle Convention Center exhibit floor during show hours. A penalty of $750 dollars will be assessed if any part of their display is disassembled during show hours. Disassembling early may also prevent participation in future Northwest Event Show events.
  5. Move-Out: Exhibitor agrees not to disassemble their display until April 4, 2024 starting at 4:00pm. In the event Exhibitor has not entirely removed all display items before Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 8:00pm, NWES shall be authorized to remove (at the sole cost and expense of the Exhibitor) any-and-all items remaining on the property without liability for any resulting damages or losses.
  6. Display Restrictions: No signs, partitions, apparatus, shelves, etc., may extend more than eight feet above the floor along the rear of an exhibit or more than 50% the distance from the back of the booth toward the front without express written approval by NWES/Butler Events. Exhibitor agrees not to obstruct aisles or access to neighboring booths, nor conduct or operate its exhibit so as to cause interference with, annoyance or endangerment to other exhibitors or visitors. This restriction applies to but is not limited to, volume of P.A. systems, persons, musical instruments or any device which volume might be objectionable to NWES/Butler Events. The distribution of any samples, souvenirs, publications, or other sales or promotional activities shall be conducted only from within the Exhibitor’s booth. Exhibitor, and its agents, employees, business invitees and assigns shall comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Exhibitor’s Packet which will be posted within this online Exhibitor Portal.
  7. Damage or Defacement of Seattle Convention Center: Exhibitor shall not injure, mar, or deface the center or the grounds outside the center. Exhibitor shall not drive any nails, hooks, tacks, or screws in any part of the center, nor shall it make any alteration of any kind therein. Upon demand of the Seattle Convention Center or NWES, Exhibitor shall pay to Seattle Convention Center or NWES such sums as shall be necessary to restore the premises, center, or grounds to their original condition if any portion thereof shall be damaged by the act, default, or negligence of Exhibitor.
  8. Transportation of Materials: The Transportation Management Plan shall govern Exhibitors move-in/out at the Seattle Convention Center. NWES may amend the plan and guidelines when NWES shall deem the amendment or modification to be in the best interest of the Northwest Event Show. After notice, Exhibitor agrees to comply with the amendments. The Transportation Management Plan will be set forth in the Exhibitor Packet, which will be posted online in this Exhibitor Portal
  9. Food Sale and Distribution: Licensed caterers exhibiting at the NWES may not sell food or beverages in Seattle Convention Center without the written consent from NWES. Caterers or exhibitors sampling any foods or beverages must purchase a Temporary Permit from Seattle & King County Public Health.
    1. Exhibitor is solely responsible for completing food sampling forms to be posted online at (*Sample size non-alcoholic drinks are limited to maximum three (3) ounce containers and food items are limited to three (3) ounces or bite size portions.) Exhibitor must fulfill all Seattle & King County Public Health requirements to include hand washing stations and maintenance of proper food temperatures (a full compliance list is available at: Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines & Fee Schedules). Food and/or beverage items served by exhibitors other than licensed caterers as traffic promoters (i.e., popcorn, coffee, bar service) must be purchased through Aramark, Seattle Convention Center’s exclusive caterer.
  10. Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages may be served at the NWES unless coordinated and managed by NWES partner 501c non-profit organization.
  11. Floor Plan/Relocation: NWES reserves the right to alter the number of booth spaces in Seattle Convention Center, limit the number of Exhibitors in each business category, and reserves the right to relocate Exhibitor for the sole purpose of consolidating traffic flow. Floor plans are subject to change without notice.

For NWES: 

  1. Use of Space: Exhibitor’s use of display booth(s) and/or virtual booth(s) shall be limited to merchandise and/or services included in show and guide contract, and shall be used for no other purpose without the prior written consent of Butler Events. Butler Events reserves the right to reject or remove/take down any display or presentation that in its sole discretion deems inconsistent with the use set forth on this participation & advertising agreement, or which otherwise fails to comply with terms of this agreement.
  2. Lotteries and Contests: Exhibitor shall be solely responsible to ensure that any drawings, lotteries or contests held by Exhibitor on the premises are conducted in strict compliance with the law.
  3. Dispensing of Advertising Materials: The NWES reserves the right to restrict or remove signs, literature, and business cards of businesses or person’s not leasing/contracting separate exhibit space in the Northwest Event Show. An Exhibitor may only display signs and distribute literature and advertising materials pertaining to their particular business within their booth space. This applies to, but is not limited to, any advertising containing businesses, which, in the opinion of NWES, could lease/contract separate exhibit space in the show.