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Northwest Event Show
Speaker Guidelines

Your Session at the Northwest Event Show

This page should provide you with all the information you need for speaking at the Northwest Event Show. We hope to make the experience of delivering a session at the event as productive and enjoyable as possible for both you and our attendees.


Before the Event

Please register for the event immediately. You must be registered to access the event.

You will need to check in at the event to get your badge, which will give you access to the event venue. Please proceed to the speaker’s check-in area to get your badge.

Your speaker badge gives you VIP access to both days of the event, including the exhibit halls, education sessions, as well as complimentary access to the Welcome Reception on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Venue and Timing

Northwest Event Show takes place at the Summit building at the Seattle Convention Center. (900 Pine St., Seattle WA)

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the show prior to the start of your session. You will need to build in time for parking, entering the facility, checking in to get your badge, and getting setup on stage. We invite you to arrive first thing in the morning to attend other sessions, network with attendees and visit the exhibit halls.

We ask that you then go to your assigned stage 30 minutes before the start of your session. Please introduce yourself to the AV technician at the back of the room. Our stage host will also be there to greet you. It is possible that another session will still be going when you arrive in the room. If so, please stand quietly at the back of the room until the AV technician approaches you.

If you are delayed and need to speak to someone on the day of your session, please text the Executive Director, Lisa Schulteis at 480-427-5850. 

Please note that your session duration includes 10 – 15 minutes Q&A with your audience as well as the virtual audience.

Update Your Speaker Profile in EventMobi

We are using EventMobi as our event platform. We have already added you to the platform. All you need to do is go to and update your speaker profile.

Once you log in, you can click on your picture on the top right, then click “Edit Profile.” Update your information and be sure to click the Save button.

Presentation Files

IMPORTANT – Presentations must be in 16:9 format.

If you utilize any custom fonts beyond the standard PowerPoint or Keynote fonts, you must upload the font files with your presentation in the speaker portal.

Presentations must be uploaded by end of day on Monday, March 25th to ensure we have time to review the files and get them to the AV production team to preload. Please only send your FINAL file.

On Stage

Each stage will have a highboy table set to the side where you can place your water bottle. There will be a projector and screen, where the AV production team will project your presentation. The AV team will mic you up before your presentation. Please note that there will NOT be a podium on stage. For panels, we will have stools on stage, and you may have a handheld microphone.

Stage Host and Q&A

Each stage will have a dedicated host. They will introduce you at the start of your session and will help manage your session. Please be sure to upload a short introduction into the speaker portal that the host can use to introduce you.

Audience questions will be submitted from the room for the live audience as well as via our virtual event platform. Online questions will be presented to you by the dedicated stage host, who will monitor the questions as they come in.

Your session will be live streamed. Please keep your virtual audience in mind when presenting. Be sure to acknowledge them during your presentation. Your virtual audience won’t be able to see laser pointers pointed at the screen, so if there is something you want to highlight on your presentation slides, please highlight it on the physical slide using arrows, shapes or another method BEFORE you submit your final slides.

Facilities at the Summit

Breakout Sessions:

There is a speaker ready room on Level 3 in room 320. This room will be monitored by a volunteer and you can store your coat and bags here during your session. If you have a purse, computer or bag that you do not want to leave in the room, you may leave them in the back of your session room near the AV team.

Northwest Event Show will not be liable for your personal belongings.

To limit the amount of bottled water we use during the show, we recommend that you bring your own pre-filled reusable bottle for use on stage.

Pre-Show Marketing of Your Session

We want you get the most out of speaking at Northwest Event Show! Please be sure to promote your session via email and social media to attract the largest audience possible to your session.

We have made it super easy to share your participation in our event on social media! The more you share, the more attendees we can attract, growing our event together.

Here’s how you can share:

When you click these links, InGo, a social media integration tool, will help you share your participation effortlessly. It will connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook account, automatically pulling your photo and name to create a personalized graphic for sharing.

Rest assured, InGo is designed with your privacy in mind. It will request your permission at each step, ensuring you have full control over what is shared on your social profiles.

Let’s spread the word and make this event a huge success together!

Post Event

Please remember that your session will be recorded and used as part of the on-demand content that all attendees can access after the live event has finished.

Contact Details

If you have any other questions, please email