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Northwest Event Show
Fire Marshal Requirements

Updated January 1, 2024

The following items are required by the Seattle Fire Marshal’s Office for booths at trade shows or otherwise used for display within Seattle city limits. 


All decorative materials hung vertically must meet the NFPA 701 code. Either by being tagged that it meets the code or with a certificate by a third party that it has been treated with a flameproofing treatment. 

To facilitate verification an item is flame retardant; the following options may be used: 

  1. A copy of the Certificate of Flame Resistance for the item may be left in the booth when the vendor does not occupy it. The Certificate of Flame Resistance must indicate the item meets the requirements of either National Fire Protection Association 701 (NFPA 701) and /or the State of California Fire Marshal approved standard for flameproofing (Note: Certificates of Flame Resistance are valid for one (1) year after which time they must be renewed. (Unless the certificate shows an expiration date stating otherwise or indicates the treatment cannot be removed when laundered) 
  2. A tag or label affixed to the item indicating it meets either the NFPA 701 and/or The State of California Fire Marshal approved standard for flameproofing. 
  3. Only certificates from a third-party certifier or manufacturer of the product(s) are acceptable. Treating the item(s) yourself will no longer be permitted. 

The use of oilcloth, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon, Orlon, and certain other synthetic materials that cannot be made flame-resistant is strictly prohibited. 

Items that are not accompanied by a valid Certificate of Flame Resistance shall be removed. If the item(s) is unable to be removed from the show floor before the showing opening, the show doors may be held, and/or the vendor/exhibitor’s booth may be closed! 


Combustible storage –repacking material, etc., is prohibited throughout the public assembly area. This includes areas in and behind individual booth spaces. NOTE: Small amounts of brochures and other literature for distribution may be stored under tables but must be 18″ away from electrical cords. 

No lit candles will be allowed in any booth at any time.

If you need decorative materials or drapes treated, please contact:
American Flame Coat 206-786-6094
They can treat and provide certification of your materials
There is a minimum fee; call for pricing.

Booth and Displays 

  1. Do not encroach on aisles that border your booth. 
  2. Fire Extinguishers, Hose Cabinets, Fire Exits, or Fire Alarms cannot be blocked or covered. 
  3. Storage in your booth is acceptable as follows: 
    1. Boxes, packing materials, waste, and debris must be removed before the start of the show and kept picked up during the show.
    2. All areas are inspected periodically.
    3. Boxed brochures, product, and sales material storage may be allowed if kept orderly and not stored behind pipe and drape.
  4. There is no smoking in the Exhibition Center. 

Extension Cords and Plugs 

  1. All extension cords must be a minimum of 14 gauge, 3 wires, and grounded. 
    1. Use ties or cable clamps when running the cord. 
    2. Lightweight extension cords or “zip cords” may not be used. 
  2. Breaker (Power) strips are approved for additional outlet plugs. 
    1. Cube tabs are not allowed. 
    2. Power strips cannot be “daisy-chained” 
  3. Cords, plugs, and strips must have UL labeling. 

Tenting, Canopies, or Awnings 

Tents, Canopies, awnings, or coverings over a booth require permission from show management. No booth or its neighboring booths can continuously cover more than 300 square feet. You will also be required to have a fire extinguisher (2A 10BC minimum UL classification) and a smoke detector (at the highest point in the tent) within the booth. 

Open Flame 

  1. No lit candles are allowed 
  2. Sterno cooktops do not require a permit, but a fire extinguisher is required in your booth. 

Portable Fire Extinguishers 

  1. It is highly recommended that you have a fire extinguisher for your exhibit. Depending on your exhibits’ content, the Fire Marshal may require that you have one.
  2. Your fire extinguisher must have a UL rating A 2A 10BC rating. 
  3. Your extinguisher must be inspected and serviced annually. 

Vehicle Displays Requirements 

  1. Maximum Fuel: ¼ of a tank or 5 gallons whichever is less. 
  2. All gas covers shall be taped or have a locking type gas cap. 
  3. Battery cables shall be disconnected and taped. 
  4. Vehicles with no fuel gauge or with a broken fuel gauge shall not be allowed on the event floor unless a representative of the Fire Marshal’s office gives prior approval. 

Permits or Questions? Please Call the Fire Marshals’ Office at 206-386-1450 or visit

The Fire Marshal will be at the Convention Center during Show Setup on Monday and Tuesday and before show opening on Wednesday. They will be checking to be sure that all exhibitors of the show comply. They will also visit the Show during show hours.