Transformation and Disruption

It’s often in the back alley where you find the coolest shops, unique restaurants and the best part of a city.  The Northwest Event Show is no exception – this year we created a gem of a place we call Tech Alley.

Tech Alley is an entire section devoted to helping you learn, interact and engage with companies who offer technology solutions designed to change the way you plan and run your events.

From assisting with registration, to the collection and analysis of data, to on-site attendee engagement there is now software and tech solutions designed to help you organize, be more efficient and effective with your event. 

Technology is transforming the events industry, making planning easier and events more exciting. Make sure you take a stroll down Tech Alley.

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Be sure to check out The Tech Demo Experience, located in our Educational HUB.   The Tech Demos Experience is brought to you by New Tech Northwest and is a place where you can see live demonstrations from many of the exhibitors in Tech Alley.