What is SupirbEvents?

Ever experience the dreaded “Swag Bag Blues”?  

That feeling you get when, after attending an event you realize:

  • The great event content from the event has vanished from your brain?
  • It will take forever to work through the stack of business cards you picked up?
  • You’ve passed your limit on stress balls and plastic cups?

Us too.

SupirbEvents is the cure for those blues.

It’s a free, private, app that is your new efficiency portal for the before, during and after of the events you attend.


How Does it Work?

It’s easy!

Now you can keep the event content you want for later and interact with the exhibitors in a new and cool way – no business cards required.

Your Host has set up an Event Card for the NWES that holds the best content for browsing before, during and after the event.

Exhibitors each have a virtual Business Card through which you can communicate, connect and (soon!) transact.

And, as an Attendee, you’ll get more out of the event by browsing, note-taking, saving and sharing Exhibitor Cards all in the palm of your hand.


Get Started

There are already more than 130 Exhibitor Cards for you to:

  • Browse, Save and Organize.
  • Take notes on & Subscribe to.
  • Share with others who may want to connect.

We’ll see you at the NWES!


Reach out to us with questions or for assistance at

Click here to go to SupirbEvents.

Click here to directly view the Event Card.

NWES Event Code is 7AYCG9