City & State Licensing


Law requires that Butler Events must have your Seattle City License number on file prior to the show. Please write your 5- or 6-digit Seattle City License number (not to be confused with your 9-digit Washington State Business Identification Number – UBI). If you do not have a Seattle City License number, you may purchase a temporary number through Butler for $25. The license will only be good for the day of the show. If this fee was already added to your contract, you do not need to pay the $25 at this time because you have already been invoiced. If you have not paid for your license, we’ll invoice you. If you have any questions, call Butler Events, 206.937.3264.


Vendors/Exhibitors are required to have a Washington State Business Number (UBI #) to sell items and/or cultivate sales at the event. If your business does not have a UBI#, you must obtain a temporary registration. Contact the Department of Revenue at 1- 800-647-7706 to get your free tax number and remittance form. You may also apply online at Retail sales tax is to be charged and remitted to the State of Washington on sales made at retail at the event. Those selling at wholesale must remit the appropriate Washington State B&O tax on sales delivered to consumers located in Washington. Vendors/Exhibitors with free temporary state tax numbers from past shows are responsible to call the Department of Revenue and open their Tax Number for the days of the event. After you call you will receive a form and envelope to remit the correct sales tax.

If you don't have a Seattle City License, enter 'N/A'
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